Our Staff

Staff Group 2013

FRONT ROW: Tim Hengeveld, Rob Black, Trent Benton, Rob Calogero, Dave Annan  MIDDLE ROW:  Jon Eric Woodward, Carole Stonick, Susan Wagner, Carolyn Austin, Robert McKeehan, Tami Casuso, Amy Honey  BACK ROW: Alicia Shaw, Lee Worden, Melinda Tilles, Phyllis Benton, Jacob Crickenberger, Amy Raisner, Al Neumann, Daniel Gomez, Stacey Holt  NOT PRESENT:  Chad Cook, Jordan Derrow, Dan Griffith, Mark Maners, Jessica Neumann and Josh Sands.


Whether you are a long-time member or a first-time guest, the pastors and staff of CBC want to make sure that each experience at Community Bible Church glorifies God and enriches the lives of those around us.