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Our Living Hope


Posted by Shannon Wilson on

One October when I was a little girl, I was banned from the laundry room because my dad was working on a top secret Christmas present. For ME. The door was closed and when he was behind it I would hear clanging and racket that delighted me, while at same time the suspense was consuming me. It was ...

The Answer


Posted by Dave Annan on

We are living in days of chaos and confusion. There is political and moral unrest in every sector of our society today. Leaders have no answers to the challenges of our day. As followers of Jesus, we have not only answers as we study the truth of the Bible, but we know THE ANSWER who is Jesus ...



Posted by Kim Lehmann on

I recently wrote a blog post about the impact that the pastor at my hometown church had on me in high school. The first sermon that I ever heard him preach was on the day he was candidating for the pastoral position. I was a junior. He asked a question during that sermon that has never left me to ...

Sabbatical Time


Posted by Jon Eric Woodward on

I’m grateful for the opportunity to take an extended break, better known as a sabbatical. For those of you who may not be aware, our church has a policy where our pastor’s, after every 6 years of service take a three-month sabbatical during the seventh year. This concept is rooted in ...

The Harvest is Coming


Posted by Dave Annan on

I recently received my 3 month Cat scan to see what activity is currently happening in my lungs. At the last scan (3 months ago) my oncologist was pleased to see the effect of my Keytuda infusions that I receive every 3 weeks. Some tumors had disappeared and some were swelling which may ...

How we got hereā€¦.


Posted by Chad Cook on

Have you ever had scripture be so tough to follow but feel so real to you? That has been our struggle these past months as we strive to follow God and have had to make a very difficult decision. I have offered and accepted a position in student ministry at Rock Point Community Church in ...