GO Michigan

Michigan // Dates: June 12 – 16
Trip Leaders: Jake Borem
Cost: $300-$500

Students will spend 4-5 days in Detroit, Michigan where they will have the opportunity to tour places of worship for Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. They will hear from their religious leaders about the religion they are representing. During a separate session, students will be given the opportunity to learn the differences in the Gospel and these other religions being represented.

Students will also have opportunity to serve at a local mosque, along with a church planter in the inner-city, Detroit area. These serving opportunities will help students to see ministry up close and personal, what it looks like to plant a church, and to live missionally. It will also give students the opportunity to serve someone that disagrees with the Gospel and will show them that one of the best ways to evangelize is to serve.


Important Dates:

Application Due: February 15, 2019

Training: March 1, 6pm-9pm & March 2, 9am-1pm

Deposit: $50 with application submission


This trip is open to 7th-8th grade students.