Europe Missionaries


Shannon Alley

Shannon’s assignment is to make disciples among the
least-loved and least-reached
people in Bucharest, so that it becomes a Gateway for Joy in
the Gospel throughout Romania and to the ends of the earth.
There are 3 million people in Bucharest with a tragic history
of abuse and neglect of people on the margins of society,
whom God loves most of all and is calling into His Kingdom.
Day to day she works with disabled and abandoned children
and their families, women who have been trafficked for sex,
ethnic minorities, disabled youth at a protected workshop,
and elderly neighbors. She is no one’s primary caregiver and
works with several groups to bring the Word of God into least
loved households and to eventually form a church or connect
disciples with an existing church. The goal of her team is to
build a disciple making movement and sustained
multiplication of new believers in the city.


Dave & Jen Cox

Dave and Jen have been serving in Bucharest, Romania for 20 years. Dave is the city team leader for the Reach Global Team which has 11 members, including our very own,
Shannon Alley! Jen has just taken a job coaching
ReachGlobal Area Leaders who oversee 150 missionary
families in Europe. In addition to their work with fellow
missionaries, they are also involved at their local church
focusing on making disciples.


David & Debbie Frank

David and Debbie arrived in Spain in 1978. They founded
L’Arcada Camp in the Pyrenees Mountains. They have a deep
passion for working with children, youth and families to see
them come to know Christ and discipled in their faith.


Jeremy & Sylvia Frank

Jeremy and Sylvia have a passion for Spain. It is a country
with an urgent need of the gospel and the Lord put that on
their hearts many years ago. Sylvia is a Spanish national and
wants to see her country know God. Jeremy is a missionary
kid that grew up in Spain and the Lord has given him a love
for the Spanish people. They have been called to work in
Spain long term and are excited to see what the Lord can do
with them there. They serve at L’Arcada Camp in Spain which
is an amazing ministry with the focus of reaching and
discipling Spanish kids, youth, and families with the desire to
help grow the Spanish national church.


Pere & Celia Gonzalez

Pere is the Executive Director at L’Arcada and is helped by his
wife, Celia. The Lord has shown them that Camp Ministry is
very effective in opening doors that religious prejudices have
closed for several centuries in Spain. L’Arcada Camp is
located on 763 acres located in the Pyrenees Mountains.
Pere and Celia have a desire to establish an environment
where non-believers can make life-changing decisions for
Jesus Christ and new believers can grow and mature in their


Nick & Maia Mikhaluk

International Partnerships is focused on reaching leaders and
influencers of former Soviet Union for Christ (in Ukraine and
Kazakhstan right now), helping new believers grow spiritually,
equipping lay leaders for ministry and planting new churches.
To connect with non-believers who are for the most part
atheists they do a variety of outreach projects, ESL classes,
guitar classes, cooking classes, photo schools, business
trainings, hiking and biking trips and family summer camps. As
they build relationships, they involve people in weekly Bible
discussion groups, where for the first time in their life people
have a chance to open the Scriptures, learn about God, hear
the Gospel. Most people come to Christ in the context of Bible
discussion groups. In 2014 International Partnerships became
an initiator of a volunteer movement, Wings of Generosity
and Care. The goal of this initiative is to mobilize people and
resources to battle starvation in the war zone. Hundreds of
non-believers are taking part in this initiative.