The goal of our student ministry is to proclaim the Gospel to one another, go deeper in our Gospel understanding, help students see and understand the world through a biblical lens, and help them apply that worldview in their lives as they themselves make disciples.

Student Events

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Supporting and equipping students to love Jesus Christ and His good news.

Route 56

5th-6th Grade (Available 9:15 am only)

Late elementary and early middle school are transitional years in the life of students, filled with unique challenges and opportunities for growth. At the heart of Route 56 is a desire to help students move seamlessly from Community: Kids to Community: Students.

Tribe Groups

7th-8th Grade (9:15 am in the CS Room)

9th-12th Grade (Sunday Nights, 6:45-8:00 pm in the CS Room)

Our student tribe groups are structured around the concepts of CARE, GOSPEL APPLICATION, and PRAYER.

We find that discipleship happens best when students and leaders are living in relationship with each other. In each weekly tribe group, students have the time and the space to care for and grow in meaningful friendship with each other; they spend time studying and reading the Bible together and drawing out application from it that is rooted in the gospel of Jesus; and finally, students spend time each week connecting with God and interceding on behalf of each other through prayer.

Sunday Evening

7th-12th Grade (Sunday Nights, 6:00-8:00 pm in the Student Wing)

All Middle & High School students are invited to gather and share a meal together. At 6:45 pm High School Students separate into tribes. At 7:30 pm Middle School Students have a time of prayer.

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