Kim LehmannWorship

In 2015, Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth and Lindsey Stirling stood on the stage at the Billboard Music Awards and performed the song, “See You Again,” a tribute to the late Paul Walker. I remember laying there watching the performance as one of the performers, Wiz Khalifa, lost himself in the song during the last 20 seconds of the performance. He … Read More

Consumer Christianity

Aaron MartinWorship

We live in a highly consumeristic culture. Consumerism is the protection or promotion of the interests of the consumer. It is the social and economic order or ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. In other words, the marketplace promotes products and services that target and aim to please the interests, desires, and preferences of … Read More

The Promise Keeper

Shannon WilsonFaith, Hope

When I was a child, there were few things that were as sacred to me as a promise. The grasp of 2 pinky fingers solemnly pledging words ranging from permanent allegiance to the owner of the other pinky (ie: I promise to be your best friend forever), to plans that could not be thwarted (I promise to meet you after … Read More

My Theology Has Now Become My Reality

Jon Eric WoodwardFaith

Sometimes the word “theology” gets a bad rap, or at minimum many Christians shy away from studying theology. Some feel that theology is dry and boring. Others feel it is too academic. Still others feel it is something that only preachers, pastors or those in ministry are to tackle and delve into. But theology in its bare essence is simply … Read More

Blind Dates & Jesus

Todd Van DykeUncategorized

I have never been on a blind date. I am very glad of this fact. Adolescence, teenage years, and early adulthood were awkward enough without inserting strange dating ritual into the middle of them. However, I have seen enough movies and television shows depicting this pinnacle of adolescent awkwardness to understand how one on a blind date might feel. The … Read More

Not for a Moment

Haley TallmanWorship

Our current sermon series, Gospel Promises, has brought so much of my faith journey to the front of mind. I’ve been encouraged and challenged, but mostly I’ve been reminded of my own testimony of “hope in suffering”, of my “needs being heard and met in Jesus”, and of “God using every experience and circumstance for my good in Christ.” Four … Read More

Behind the Curtain

Aaron MartinUncategorized

If you’ve ever seen a Broadway show or high school musical or local presentation of a classic playwright, you know the actors you see on stage are only a glimpse of the hard work and faces involved in pulling off a dramatic production. But to really see what it takes to present a play, you have to pull back the … Read More

Our Broken Hallelujah

Shannon WilsonFaith, Hope

We often read the Bible and see the people on the pages as caricatures of real people. They become so familiar to us that we can skim their stories and not even be moved. We can read of their lives and presume that we would have behaved differently, more honorably, less sinfully (we know this isn’t true, but we tend … Read More

Thank You from Pastor Jon Eric Woodward

Jon Eric WoodwardUncategorized

I want to take this time to say thank you to my church family for your support and encouragement while I was away on my sabbatical (May 26-August 26). Thank you for your prayers, texts, emails, phone calls, gifts and notes. The CBC family is a blessing to me and my family and we are grateful to the Lord for … Read More

Random Thoughts on Love and Loving Well

Aaron MartinUncategorized

What is the meaning of love? This question gets asked a lot today, even if it does not get asked in this way. We hear this question lurking beneath the surface of almost every response to almost every cultural issue. Whether the issue is immigration or civil rights or economic equality, people are concerned about matters of justice and protest … Read More