Wonderful Counselor

Jon Eric WoodwardUncategorized

There is a story in I Kings 12 about Rehoboam, son of Solomon, who was about to become King of Israel.  He sought the wise counsel of the elders that had served his father Solomon and they responded with good, sound, godly counsel.  But according to verse 8, “he forsook the counsel of the elders which they had given him … Read More

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Susan BlackFaith

I once heard a friend say, “Becoming a mom is like breaking up with yourself.” The straightforward reality of that statement resonated in my heart for days. In like manner, I believe we can also say, “Becoming a Christian IS breaking up with yourself.” And yes…breaking up is hard to do. Because, as Aaron often reminds us, we love us some … Read More

Easy to Forget

Haley TallmanWorship

Sometimes in corporate worship, we can get wrapped up in the music, be distracted by things around us or sing a song so much it becomes easy to forget what we’re singing. Here at CBC, we’re committed to theologically rich songs that point our hearts towards the Father and magnify Jesus. We’re careful in our song selections and it’s something … Read More

Just a Child of the King

Josh SandsFaith

Recently I had the great privilege of speaking at a memorial service after the passing of a family friend. I saw this man come to begin a relationship with Jesus just a couple months before his passing and it was important to me to be there, even though I knew almost none of his family. He and his wife retired … Read More

Where is Romania?

Kim LehmannFaith

As I write this, I am less than 72 hours away from boarding a plane bound for Bucharest, Romania. However, I’ve never been to Romania. I’ve never even been to Europe. And I will lead a team of ten other individuals in this country I’ve never been. Over the last month, the excitement has grown in my heart as I … Read More

Reflecting on Costa Rica

Aaron MartinUncategorized

This past spring the Global Mission Team and Community Bible’s spiritual leaders (elders, pastoral staff) committed to a five-year partnership (requiring two trips by CBC teams per year) to train pastors and local church leaders through IBAC (Central American Biblical Institute) in Costa Rica. The primary goals of IBAC are to produce servant leaders who: (1) handle God’s Word accurately; … Read More

But God.

Shannon WilsonFaith

Pastor Todd delivered a message on Father’s Day that was centered around 2 women, one older and one just 12 years of age.  I have always loved this passage of scripture – these two daughters who encounter their Messiah when all seems lost.  I love watching Jesus, “Holiness on the move,” as he enters without hesitation into their utter unclean … Read More

Why Weddings Move Us

Jon Eric WoodwardWorship

I’ve had the opportunity to either attend or participate in five weddings since March. The last one was my daughter’s wedding which I both walked her down the isle and officiated the ceremony. What a joy filled time weddings are. They bring out emotions and feelings that we sometimes don’t feel at any other occasion. There is a particular kind … Read More

The Dark Night of the Soul

Susan BlackFaith, Hope

In Aaron’s most recent sermon in the “Sing” series, he spoke from Psalm 88 which recounts the despair of a man in desperate spiritual loneliness and emotional pain. I’ve experienced that dark place, and Sunday’s message rekindled my emotions from that unenviable season of life. In the final weeks of our cancer journey, Rob said on more than one occasion: … Read More

A Lasting Message

Todd Van DykeFaith

This famous quote by Canadian philosopher Marshal McLuhan tries to put into words the important notion that how you say something is just as important as what you say. “The medium is the message.” In technology, how you receive a message is just as important as the message itself. For example, Facebook, the medium, has changed us more than the … Read More