The End of A Journey

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In December 2015, Emily and I officially started walking down the road to adoption. We started that journey in faith, but not without some measure of trepidation and anxiety. We’ve always been open to adoption, but stewarding a full, busy, noisy home of four children made us a bit fearful about whether adoption would be a wise decision for our … Read More

Restoring Rebel Souls

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In the movie The Never Ending Story, a boy named Atreyu is sent on a quest to save his dying empress. He faces challenge after challenge as he forges ahead to complete the task that he has been assigned. As Atreyu is making his way, far off in the distance a crazy little man named Engywook and a sparkly dragon … Read More

Buried Treasure

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We have a cool family tradition take place over the July 4th holiday. We have our family gather at my brother in law’s place in Williamsburg.  It has been a time to celebrate our freedom in this country, my wife’s birthday, and enjoy family time.  My brother in law has been blessed with a beautiful home on the York river where … Read More

Reflections on Costa Rica

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There are three main components of our discipleship strategy at CBC: corporate gatherings, small groups, and missions. Each has unique contributions to discipleship that the others simply cannot contribute. For instance, the expositional preaching and corporate worship are contributions that we benefit from in our corporate gatherings but can’t experience in the same way through small groups or missions. Small … Read More

A Year in Review

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The thirty-first of July will officially mark the end of my first year of pastoral ministry at Community Bible Church. Anniversaries are similar to birthdays in that they are a measurement of time, and in measuring time, we are afforded the opportunity to reflect upon all God has accomplished in our lives over the past year. Now, I can go … Read More

Hope and Peace

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“The battle is the Lord’s” has been my cry for the past 3 years as I have battled stage 4 melanoma cancer. That short biblical statement continually brings hope and peace to my heart as I meditate on it. I am not trusting in the doctors at Baptist (although they are humanly amazing in their practice) or in Keytruda (although … Read More

Rescuing Turtles

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When I was a little girl, driving down back country roads, we would often pass turtles trying to cross the road during the summer months. My parents would always stop the car on the side of the road, run out to pick the turtle up, and bring it home where we would safely release it in our spacious yard. This … Read More

Numbering | Thoughts on Psalm 90

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I turned forty-three years old this week. Mentally, most days I feel like I’m still twenty-two or twenty-three years old. Depending on the day, weather, and how strenuously I exerted myself the day before, some days I roll out of bed feeling like I’m in my mid-twenties, but increasingly, I roll out of bed to new aches and pains. Some … Read More

Our Living Hope

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One October when I was a little girl, I was banned from the laundry room because my dad was working on a top secret Christmas present. For ME. The door was closed and when he was behind it I would hear clanging and racket that delighted me, while at same time the suspense was consuming me. It was as if … Read More

The Answer

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We are living in days of chaos and confusion. There is political and moral unrest in every sector of our society today. Leaders have no answers to the challenges of our day. As followers of Jesus, we have not only answers as we study the truth of the Bible, but we know THE ANSWER who is Jesus Christ (John 14:6). … Read More