Asia Missionaries


Brian & Yoko Broaddus

Brian and Yoko work primarily in Kurume City, evangelizing and discipling members of Kurume Bible Church through teaching, preaching, and serving the Fukuoka Team in the role of team leader. They are co-workers with
national pastors in the Kurume Bible Church mission.


Fred and Evelyn Agbossey-Dimado

Fred serves as Assistant International Director for Pioneers and is based in Thailand. Through his role, he facilitates and oversees various aspects of the internationalization process and development of new mobilization offices, as well as, global partnership relationships with Pioneers. He is providing leadership and coaching, and exploring new mobilization opportunities in East Asia. He also serves in providing assistance and counsel to the International Director in problem solving and crisis response. He also preaches and teaches in partner churches throughout Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia.


John & Alisa Greene

John and Alisa lead 19 teams of American missionaries and
East Asian house church pastors to share the Gospel among
200 million people in a place where 95% of them have
never heard the name Jesus. They are both passionate
about sharing with a massively large group of people who
have never heard a clear and complete presentation of the
Gospel. They find joy in seeing lives changed. One of their
desires is seeing the ministry turned over to the national staff
leadership. Establishing and empowering East Asian leaders
will mean greater stability under increasing government
pressure and give locals the opportunity to take ministry to
places they could never have experienced.


Jon & Kristi Truhe

Jon and Kristi Truhe work with a local foundation to provide
wheelchairs to people with disabilities and are involved in
water projects in rural areas. The foundation is also an
access ministry to provide opportunities to find open
people for them to share the Gospel. Their purpose is to see
a disciple making movement on their island. They are heavily
involved in mobilizing local believers to get involved in the
Great Commission.


Sasha & Natasha Tsutserov

Sasha is a full-time minister, president and professor of the
Moscow Seminary where they are raising up a whole new
generation of Christian leaders. The Moscow Seminary was
established in 1993 and is an evangelical, conservative school
with an excellent history of training ministers. The seminary
trains 282 students from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan,
Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,
Uzbekistan, and Russia, to reach Muslims.