Core Values

A devote ministry of the church

The early church in Jerusalem (Acts 2:42-47) was defined by six core values; biblical proclamation, sacrificial care and service, wholehearted worship, desperate prayer, gospel community, and exponential multiplication.

Because our first priority as Christian people is to honor God in everything we do, it is absolutely critical that we lead out of biblical convictions about the purpose and nature of the local church. As such, we are committed to embracing and adopting the six core values of the early church as our own.

Proclaim the gospel with our words and our lives. Speak God’s Word in love. Share God’s Word in deed. Teach God’s Word faithfully.

True identity is always rooted in what we worship. We have been created to worship, magnify, and glorify God revealed in Christ. We want our lives to magnify Jesus Christ both individually and corporately, offering our lives as a living sacrifice to the glory of God. We want our lives to advertise that we love Jesus more than anything else.

Christ-exalting, gospel-centered service is costly. It requires that we sacrifice for the good of others and the glory of Christ. It is for this reason we give away our lives in service to others. Serve the saints. Serve the lost. Serve the fatherless and the widow. Serve the hurting. Serve the broken. Serve our city. Serve the nations. Serve for the sake of Jesus Christ.

The gospel promises us that when we surrender to live life as a disciple of Jesus by faith, we experience community with God and with other believers in Jesus Christ. The promise of the gospel is the promise of new creation and new life within a new community. What we find in Jesus is that we finally discover the sense of purpose and belonging we have been longing for. In Jesus, we are safe, known, and loved, now and forevermore.

God loves to be asked and He loves for us to talk to Him in prayer. Prayer is not a small thing. Prayer is not a marginal thing. Prayer is not some inconsequential or incidental thing in the Christian life. The reality at the center of the universe is God created man and woman in His image. We were created to display God’s glory through His image in us. And the way God delights to display His glory in our lives is through dependent, desperate prayer. As a means of grace, prayer puts us in the path of God’s grace and His working in the world and in our lives, and so we will devote ourselves to prayer.

God’s mission in the world is to advance the kingdom of God among all people. We want to live as disciple-making disciples of Jesus Christ. We are seeking to raise up people so radically committed to the gospel that they live to multiply the world-impacting disciple-makers by leveraging their careers, families, hobbies, finances, and talents to make much of Jesus where He is not now treasured, adored, and worshiped.

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