Aaron Martin

Senior Pastor

Aaron became a follower of Jesus at eleven years old after being consistently exposed to the Gospel for the first time. He wrestled with the subtle, but compelling, call of the Spirit to repent and believe. The old sinful nature does not die without a fight. In time, his resistance was overcome by God’s grace. He joyfully came to Christ and was baptized in faith, grateful that God had opened his eyes to see His glory, his ears to hear His Word, and his heart to receive His implanted truth.

Aaron was educated at North Greenville University, Beeson Divinity School, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been in pastoral ministry for over twenty years, and has served as the Senior Pastor at Community Bible since 2016.

Aaron, and his wife, Emily, have four children: Emeline, Cameron, Elijah, and Josie. As such, he doesn’t have any spare time, but if he did, he would enjoy mountain biking, reading, soccer, playing guitar, and South Carolina Gamecocks athletics.